Parents are permitted to observe class. Due to limited space, only one family member per student per class are allowed. Observers must sit quietly and not disturb or distract the class. No small children, please. Observers are permitted only at the discretion of the instructor. 

All cell phones should be turned off in the studio (students and observers). Cell phones may be used outside the building. 

Students should be on time for class. Plan to arrive approximately five minutes before your class, and be ready for your first subject. 

Do not wear dance shoes outside. Change them at the studio. This will keep your shoes clean and in good condition, and protect the studio dance floor. 

Keep your shoes and dance paraphernalia with you in the studio. Put your name on all of your dance equipment. Do not leave your things in the waiting area. The Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen dance equipment. 

No unnecessary talking during class. This applies to both students and observers. 

No gum, candy, drinks, food, smoking, or cell phones are allowed in the studio. 

No video cameras are allowed in class without advance permission from the studio. 

Girls, Young Ladies: Must wear Folklórico shoes, solid-color black leotard, black shorts, bikertard, unitard or biker pants over leotard. No t-shirts (group shirt only). No bare-midriff tops. Black practice skirt, bandana, rebozo, sonaja and fan. Approved dance bag.

• Boys, all ages: Must wear Folklórico shoes, group shirt and black shorts, biker pants, warm-up pants, or jazz pants, sonaja and practice bandana. No pockets & NO BOXERS. Approved dance bag.

No jewelry or watches. 

Hair must be pulled back from the face, and long hair must be worn up in a bun. 

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Classroom Rules
Dress Code